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Fancy Dress Accessories

Fancy Dress Accessories

The Fun of Fancy Dress

There are so many occasions that require (or could be a lot more fun with) a bit of fancy dress.  You can find almost any costume that you are looking for.  Why not try Shrek?  Or be a general for the day?  That’s the beauty of fancy dress; it’s all about having fun and dressing up as something totally out of the ordinary.  There is no better way to lift the spirits of your guests and get everybody excited than to hold a fancy dress party.


Fancy dress parties are a wonderful way to immerse yourself in a different world and there are a lot of stores where you can get well-crafted and imaginative outfits.  Some of the popular options are clothes from the Victorian era as well as costumes of memorable film and television characters like Superman.  Other exciting themes are western, classic, funny, sexy, uniforms, Gatsby and customised garments.  Each store will stock different items but you will find the classics at any of them.

Benefits of Accessories

There is also a huge range of matching accessories to add that special touch to your outfit for the evening.  It’s really the accessories that make the outfit as they add the attention to detail you would otherwise lack.  Often, you can wear a neutral version of your normal clothing and dress it up just by using the appropriate accessories!  This will save you time and ultimately, money.  Some of the best fancy dress accessories are moustaches, funny masks, beards and elaborate wigs.  If you are going to a more sophisticated function, you can also get beautiful costume jewellery in a variety of colours and styles.

How to Get Started

Most fancy dress stores will expect you to hire a costume.  Some people may be apprehensive to do this because it means that a number of people will wear any of the accessories on display.  However, most fancy dress stores are very good about ensuring that hygiene standards are met and will thoroughly clean each item before and after use.  Hiring also works out as the cheaper option because few people will re-use fancy dress items on a regular basis.

You can also try looking for similar accessories at general stores in order to save.  Some fancy dress stores charge more for items you can get elsewhere because they offer the convenience of having everything in one place and the novelty of being a fancy dress shop.  Get started by choosing the accessory you want without being too specific.

Where to Go

There are a few great stores that really capture the spirit of fancy dress at reasonable prices.  AbFab is a good shop to try first.  You can order accessories from them online and you also have the opportunity to hire from them.  Otherwise, give them a call on 0844 800 9470.  They stock accessories like hot pink wigs, hats, beards, clown noses, stockings, shoes etc. but also have items for hen and stag parties and themed weddings!  If you’re in the London area, you can try Glitters of Camden on Camden High Street.  You can contact them on 020 7485 9660 for some amazing fancy dress accessories.