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Fancy Dress Cheap

Fancy Dress Cheap

Introduction to Cheap Fancy Dress

Getting dressed up for a themed do can be a lot of fun and bring a lot of excitement to any event.  There are a number of fabulous costumes and accessories that will keep you and your friends jovial and laughing your heads off into the small hours of the morning and of course, it is always fun to see how creative everybody can be.  The most impressive costumes normally come from fancy dress stores though, where ‘experts’ in the fancy dress field are at your beck and call to help you find the best and most memorable costume.


The problem lies in the fact that this is normally an expensive way of going about it.  For one, fancy dress stores charge a lot for consumers to hire their best costumes and you may find that you simply can’t afford to pay a quarter of your salary to have the best outfit at a costume party.  This is why most people are looking for cheap suppliers who can provide them with the outfits they love without breaking the bank.

Ways to Cut Costs

You could always try making your fancy dress efforts a bit cheaper by cutting down on the clothing you hire.  Accessories can be far more effective and inexpensive to use as a substitute.  You will be surprised what you can find in your cupboard and in your friends’ closets.  Then just go ahead and purchase or hire some cheap but relevant accessories that will complete the look.  Otherwise you can simply hire a dress shirt or the top of your outfit as most people won’t pay as much attention to the bottom.

Alternatively, you could try finding a shop that has reasonable pricing or asking for discounts on bulk hiring.

Cheap Shops

Escapade has some very affordable options for adults.  You can get great costumes from them and you won’t pay exorbitant prices for your choice.  Although, they do have some costumes that can mostly be replicated at home like their Spartan designs for example.  An even better option is Cheapest Fancy Dress who will deliver throughout the United Kingdom.  Try contacting them by calling: 01946 590 944.

The Best Way to Cut Costs on Fancy Dress

If you really want to cut your costs drastically, the best option is simply to make your outfits.  Try to get a creative friend to help you do it.  Many people are very handy with a sewing machine and can help you get the results you are looking for, even if it takes a bit of extra time.  You can add sparkle to the design by purchasing glitter glue and masks from your local Chinese store which is always an affordable and fun option.

 Otherwise, you should be able to find cheap material by the meter for old Greek costumes and Star Wars themes.  Once you have been to your local fancy dress store and got an idea of what you like, think of ways to replicate this.  If you aren’t capable of doing this be sure to get multiple quotes from stores in and around your area.  You may find that some of their costumes are older than others and will be hired out for a much lower price.