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Fancy Dress FAQ's

Fancy Dress FAQ's

Introduction to Fancy Dress FAQ’s

Gone are the days when mum’s spent hours and hours making fancy dress costumes for their kids.  With limited resources in hand they could not come up with what kids wanted, and this is precisely what has given rise to a plethora of fancy dress stores across the country.  The increase in numbers of fancy dress stores can also be attributed to the high popularity of costume parties where guests are asked to come dressed up in beautiful attires that are a source of fun and enjoyment for all those present at the party.  


These get-togethers have become so common that you need a dress every now and then to become a new character and regale everyone with your antics.  It requires a lot to prepare for the parties and people are worried about a lot of things, not just the costume they are going to wear.  This has given rise to fancy dress FAQ’s which are meant to satisfy the queries of customers about fancy dresses.

Fancy Dress FAQ’s about the Attire

It is natural that the biggest section in fancy dress FAQ’s pertains to costumes alone as they are the central part of these FAQ’s.  The questions in this section are varied but mostly ask about the choices customers have regarding the costumes.

  • Do you have a Batman Dress?
  • Do you have this size dress for my 5 year old kid?
  • Do you sell Hollywood stars dresses?

These are some of the common questions asked by customers when they enquire at any fancy dress store, whether online or located in a city.

How Can I Look Original?

Among one of the most commonly asked questions in a fancy dress store is how do I look original?  This is a question that does not have a direct answer.  Obviously when you are wearing a Superman costume, you are required to look and behave like the character of so many Hollywood films.  However, you can add your own touch by showing a little style and your own mannerisms to make the character look unique.  This is the most one can do to look original if he is going to a party trying to be like a character that he has chosen.

Safety and Cleaning

Another question that is frequently asked by customers is regarding the quality of the costumes and if they are safe for children.  Most store owners take care to wash and clean the wigs and the costume so that it is fit for use.  This is for dresses that are rented and reused.  There are no such queries for brand new attires.  However the safety aspect is enquired even for new dresses, which is natural considering toddlers will wear costumes for often long hours at parties.

Other questions that form part of fancy dress FAQ’s are regarding opening and closing hours, security deposit that is needed for costumes that are hired, payment options, location of the shop, and how and when the outfits can be returned.