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Fancy Dress Hats

Fancy Dress Hats

Introduction to Fancy Dress Hats

The concept of fancy dress is not new.  It’s only that this type of party has become tremendously popular nowadays as a means to have lots of fun and enjoyment in get-togethers.  Theme parties where guests are asked to come dressed up in funny or comical attires have become a trend these days as people enjoy dressing up as different characters.  These costumes work up an atmosphere that is relaxing and allows people to have fun at the expense of others.


Talking about fancy dresses, fancy dress hats form an integral part as they make a dress look complete and give the effect the user wants to give.  If you have become a pirate and even have an entire dress without the legendary hat of the pirate, half of the impact is gone, isn’t it?  The same can be said about Santa costumes which look incomplete with a proper Santa hat.  In fact hats play a dominant part in fancy dress costumes.  These days fancy dress hats have become very popular and in great demand.  There are many who feel that something is amiss unless they adorn a matching hat on their head.

Hats Look Nice on Everyone

Fancy dress hats can be worn by people of all ages which explains their popularity.  Hats look nice even on seniors and they work well on both genders.  Kids wearing hats with their fancy dress costume look very cute and smart.  Hats never went out of fashion; it is only that now they are back in great demand.  Even if you are wearing a costume that does not necessarily need a hat to make the outfit complete, you can always experiment with lots of colours and designs to give an additional impact to your fancy dress.

Making a Fancy Hat at Home

If you never thought about it earlier, now is the time to indulge in some creative crafts to make a hat for your fancy dress costume.  You will not only get a lot of creative satisfaction out of your effort, you will also get admiration for your handiwork.  Hat making is easy and you can easily do it if you get the items that you may require at hand.  Some of the items that you may require are feathers, coloured ribbons, beads, pin back, a felt, and a needle and thread gun.  And yes, arrange a few coloured laces to give additional impact to your fancy dress hat.  There are lots of instructional videos on the net that will teach you step by step how to make your fancy dress hat to impress others.  All you need is a little time and effort.

Lots of Variety

If you go to the shops, you will find that a majority of fancy dress costumes include hats.  There are many designs and colours to choose from when it comes to buying fancy dress hats.  If the outfit you select does not have a complimentary hat, you can always buy one from among the hundreds of hats that are available on the market today.