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Fancy Dress Outfits

Fancy Dress Outfits

Introduction to Fancy Dress Outfits

When going to a theme party, people like to buy fancy dress outfits according to their own preference and style.  Some choose popular costumes that, although they cannot receive too many points for creativity, they are still special and appealing.  Some opt for different versions of a renowned costume, while others like to add their own touch my making an outfit by themselves or altering an older outfit to make it resemble a certain character.


When it comes to the latter, lots of people prefer to use older outfits and make a few changes to create an original, homemade look.  They either don’t have the time to look for a costume, or they have the skills and like the idea of weaving creativity with the thread and needle.

Fancy Dress Outfit Ideas for Homemade Costumes

If you can’t find your favourite costume anywhere, you can easily alter an older or cheaper outfit and accessorise it in such a way people won’t believe you actually made the outfit you’re wearing instead of simply purchasing it before the event.

If being delicate is the feature you prefer, you can create a fairy fancy dress in a few simple steps.  Skirts made of tulle have been highly fashionable for the past few months, therefore you shouldn’t have trouble purchasing such a skirt or finding one in the wardrobe that goes with the idea of fairy.  Dye it in any colour you’d like and add a fun and whimsical top to go with it.  If you have a fluffy, ball-gown kind of dress, you can also shorten it to create a fairy outfit.  Make a few cuts with the scissors for a wilder look and add a pair of pre-purchased wings to complete your look.

If you can’t picture a fancy dress outfit without showing off some skin, you should go as a Burlesque dancer.  Such an outfit is incredibly appealing, and combined with a cheeky attitude, you’ll definitely be the centre of attention.  To make such an outfit, search your closet for a nice fitted corset (you’ve got to have one of those) and ham an old posh dress, without forgetting to make a very long cut along your leg.  Choose heavy jewellery and make-up to accompany this kind of look, and make sure you add a nice pair of heels.

If you’re not too girly, you can opt for a Corpse Bride fancy dress outfit.  Look for an old and long white gown or purchase a cheap wedding dress from a second-hand shop and alter it to make it look worn off.  Change its neat aspect with a pair of scissors and dark eyeshadow, and use some stage blood or red paint to make your outfit even more credible.  To complete the zombie look, make your hair as ruffled as possible and add heavy make-up.

Popular Fancy Dress Outfits

What draws people into participating at theme parties is that they’re able to be a different person for one night.  Spruce up your personality with on-screen characters, such as movie characters and superheroes, take a trip back in time by showing up as a grand historical character, or choose to wear more exotic outfits such as an Amazonian tribeswoman or Queen Cleopatra.  Other fancy dress outfits that people love include schoolgirls, police offers, medical doctors and nurses, priests and nuns, belly dancers, princesses and secretaries.  Whatever people choose to wear, in the end, the mundane and the fantasy get all mixed up during a fancy dress party.  Having fun by acting all theatrical in the fancy dress outfit of your choice is all that matters.