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Fancy Dress Party

Fancy Dress Party

History of Fancy Dress Parties

Fancy dress parties are centuries old, dating back to the Victorian era.  They are a rather decent version of the former masquerade parties that drove people into acting out for they knew their costumes, especially their masks, would hide their identity, allowing them to act in inappropriate manners.  It’s not surprising that people were a lot bolder when dressed in a certain way, with their faces covered by overdesigned masks.  However, these behaviours started to get discouraged by those who weren’t fans of these scandalous parties, therefore the former masquerade party became known as fancy dress parties, where people were required to wear costumes, but no masks.


Why are Fancy Dress Parties so Popular?

Fancy dress parties are still popular these days, especially around Halloween.  This celebration encourages people to wear all kinds of costumes, including scary ones such as ghosts, vampires, corpse brides etc.  The name fancy dress party may be somewhat attached to this celebration, but that doesn’t mean people don’t like to throw such parties in other times of the year as well.  In fact, fancy dress parties are quite common especially in nightclubs or when thrown by people with a superior financial situation.

People love to celebrate and have fun, so throwing a fancy dress party is a great way of doing that in a more unconventional way.  The excitement of such a party is all about the costumes that people wear, so choosing the right one is extremely important for drawing everybody’s attention at the party.  Men aren’t so focused on the aspect or character they choose.

Girls and women however, spend hours online to search for the perfect fancy dress outfit that will cause quite a stir amongst the representatives of the opposite sex.  In fact, women love to wear rather appealing outfits, such as sexy kitten outfits, schoolgirl, devil, police officer or nurse outfits, putting an equal sign between the fancy dress of their choice and the specific outfits that men would want to see.

Fancy dress parties require a bit of effort when it comes to finding the perfect outfit, but it’s all worth it upon arrival when a large number of glances linger in a complimentary way on the fancy dress outfit that you chose to show up in.  Men often dress as historical figures, including Romans or Greeks, knights, musketeers, kings, war officers etc.  Emergency services outfits are also en vogue, specific police or firemen uniforms being also highly appealing for them.  Women love the saint versus devil duality, opting for either of these figures, along with secretary outfits, witch outfits, Cleopatra outfits, fairy outfits and many more.

Before Going to a Fancy Dress Party…

If you are invited to such a party, you need to plan your costume ahead.  Ordering online is your best option because the fancy dress party costumes are not only super affordable, ranging from below £10 to no me than £40, but are also encompassed in a high diversity, offering hundreds and hundreds of outfits for you to choose from.  You also have the option of renting a fancy dress outfit, but as it turns out, after comparing prices it is best to purchase one so you are able to use it for another fancy dress party in the future.