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Fancy Dress Rental

Fancy Dress Rental

Introduction to Fancy Dress Rental

We all have parties to go to and some parties are more pretentious than others.  The most difficult to work out are costume parties – they require fancy dress.  We could spend hours mixing our usual regular clothes to look like costumes, we could dress regularly and claim to be costumed or we could actually get a costume.  If we don't want to wear the same costumes at all parties, we want to look good and yet we don't want to pay hundreds, maybe thousands of pounds on fancy dress that are then going to just gather dust in the wardrobe, renting them might be the more practical way to go about it.


Why Rent and Not Buy?

At first glance, wearing something that many others wore before you may not sound appealing.  On a closer look, though, the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages of the process.  First of all, there's the chance of wearing a different piece of clothing to every costume party without having to fill your closet with clothes that you are not likely to wear again anytime soon.  If you actually bought the clothes you'd probably feel obligated to keep on wearing them, no matter how much you actually liked them while renting a different costume every time is a much more exciting option.  You get to surprise your friends and colleagues at every party with a different outfit.
Second of all, there's the economical aspect buying the clothes is much more expensive than renting them.  Finally, since you're not actually buying the costume, you can let your imagination get the best of you.  You can rent the most outrageous or extravagant costumes without having to wonder later on: What am I going to do with this?  This is especially true for themed costume parties that will require you to fit in with the rest of the guests.

Where to Rent?

Whether you like to try before you buy, or simply take the easy way out and order using the telephone or online, the internet can provide you with numerous stores that can rent fancy dress.  Here are some choices:

  • Fancy Dress Outfitters - Has three delivery options: within five days, within three days, or within a day.  Located in Leicestershire.

  • Escapade - Located in London (but also has a warehouse in Staffordshire) the company not only has an Internet order option, but has a shop in the Camden area, meaning that you can rent the available costumes instantly.

  • Mr Ben's - Has an online store, but also a shop located in Sheffield, on Crookes.

  • Mad World Fancy Dress Costume Hire - Has stores in London and West Sussex (Gatwick).

  • Angels Fancy Dress - Online store offering all types of rental costumes.

  • All Fancy Dress - Honours same-day orders, if orders are made before 5 PM.  The orders can be made online or on the telephone.
Props'N'Frocks - Handles fancy dress for adults.  Located in Essex.  Has online order option.